Why Sciorr?

Sciorr are mainly daughters of members of Sheffield City Morris Men and Irish Dances have been part of the Sheffield City Morris International repertoire since 1993, when Emily (then aged 6) and Ellen (aged 7) danced in Ecuador..

Almost inadvertently, the girls were referred to as Sheffield City Irish Dancers - SCID for short - when they appeared alongside Sheffield City Morris at an Open Day in the grounds of the ruined Sheffield Manor on 8th September 2002; it didn't stick for long!! The name
Sciorr actually derives from the Irish for 'slide' - or 'skid' - but we don't know whether it's a noun or a verb . . . and its pronunciation is a mystery!

At first we pronounced it to rhyme with the Sheffield vernacular for 'stop it' (give over) - gee-o'er! - but academic research (Google!) has determined that 'io' is a diphthong pronounced as the 'i' in the English 'miss'.

The double 'r' remains a mystery - should it be rolled? Some double consonants have an additional 'grace' vowel added (Dublin becomes Dubalin, film becomes filum) but we can find no mention of double 'r'. If anyone can offer definitive information we will be grateful.

Update: Thanks to Chris Willan's diligent research, we now know that it is definitely a verb (it might also be a noun) and full information on its tenses and their conjugation can be found at this link .

However, we are no wiser on pronunciation!